Bulk Water Filling Stations

Bulk Water Filling Stations 

ENWIN and WUC made the effort in 2010 to cease using fire hydrants for anything other than firefighting purposes.  We were allowing contractors to use hydrants during construction projects for water jetting, compaction methods and dust control.  However, disturbed water events and broken mains was very costly to the rate payer. 

We have now switched to a “best practice” model of using bulk water fill stations (BWFS), with vendor contractors pay as they need water and use their own water trucks to supply water to their sites. 

Map of filling stations

ENWIN Utilities has 4 Bulk Water Filling Stations that can be accessed 24 hours a day, 356 days a week. These 4 stations are located at: 

  1. 2700 Deziel Drive 

    deziel drive
  2. 3650 Wyandotte Street East 

    wyandotte street east bulk filling station
  3. 801 Caron Avenue 

  4. 4145 Matchette Road - Out of service until further notice

    matchette rd

Account Information 

Customers must prepay for bulk water through a Flowpoint account. For more information on creating or accessing your Flowpoint account, please click here: https://enwin.azurewebsites.net/. Once an account application is submitted you will receive a confirmation email allowing you to continue with the set-up process.    


The bulk water rate is $2.64 per m3. It costs around $29.98 to fill a 3,000 gallon truck. 

You will require a 3" female quick coupling.  Please set up account through Flowpoint with the link provided.  Flowpoint - Login (enwin.azurewebsites.net) 

For Questions or Concerns
Contact our Customer Service Department via our "Contact Us" page.