Community Support Program


ENWIN and its employees recognize that making a contribution to the community is an integral part of our corporate social responsibility. Subject to budgetary considerations and our community support policy, we assist organizations within our service territory that contribute to a better quality of life for our community. 

Our Community Support Program focuses on building relationships aligned with our strategic business plans and core values and principles. We build relationships that will provide lasting impact for our company, our customers and our community. 

Our Community Support partners demonstrate a significant and unique contribution to our community. 

Applications for the 2024 Community Support Program are now closed

The Community Support Program is currently undergoing a comprehensive review and transformation. Stay tuned to our website and social media channels for more information, which is expected to be released in the fall of 2024.

For any questions, please contact with Community Support in the subject line. 

Community Support Fund Guidelines 

  1. Potential Community Support partners must demonstrate a significant and unique contribution to our community, shared values with ENWIN, and a dedication to communicating the good news associated with our support. 
  2. Support is considered only when the end use of donated funds is fully known and when it is clear that the partnership will benefit the communities to which we provide water and electricity services, or the sectors in which we operate. 
  3. The following types of requests are excluded from funding under this program: 
    • Political parties or candidates
    • Religious organizations 
    • Individual public, private or parochial schools 
    • Advocacy of special interest groups
  4. The application process will reside with the ENWIN Corporate Communications department. 
  5. All submissions will be received and processed by Corporate Communications. Relevant communications, advertising and public relations activities will be undertaken where, and as appropriate. 
  6. All submissions will be reviewed by the Community Support Committee, which is a committee of ENWIN employees representing electricity, water, customer service, human resources and communications/public relations.
  7. The deadline for Community Support requests is September 30 of the year preceding the year for which support is requested.
  8. The Community Support Committee will review all submissions during the fourth quarter, for the coming calendar year, and provide a Community Support recommendation to the CEO for approval.
  9. Community Support Committee’s recommendations will be based on available budget, alignment with ENWIN’s vision, goals and focus, potential for long-term community benefit and potential for recognition through partnership.
  10. Final approval of the annual budgeted Community Support recommendation resides with the CEO. Recommended support outside of the approved budget allotment will be reported to the appropriate Board of Directors for approval. 
  11. Community Support decisions and partnerships will be announced in January, through the Corporate Communications department