Concerned Citizen/Employee Hotline

The ENWIN Utilities Ltd. Board of Directors has launched a Concerned Citizen/Concerned Employee Hotline to enable ENWIN customers and employees of ENWIN to provide information on suspected frauds, waste, abuse of ENWIN assets or other wrongdoing (as defined at the end of this article) in a private, confidential and anonymous manner at the caller's discretion. 

The Hotline is for use by ENWIN customers, those doing work on behalf of ENWIN or by ENWIN employees. It is not intended for conducting everyday customer service discussions. Everyday queries by customers will continue to be handled by calling (519) 255-2727

For ENWIN employees, this Hotline operates in conjunction with a Whistleblower Policy as approved by the ENWIN Board of Directors, which provides assurance to employees that the submission of complaints in good faith for investigation and the resolution of those complaints will be handled in an appropriate manner, providing protection to the employee making the submission. An independent firm, Northern Communications Services, will monitor and assess each complaint received. It is also not intended for complaints of a general nature by employees about ENWIN or management, including complaints that are normally and properly handled by the Human Resources Department. 

The Concerned Citizen/Concerned Employee Hotline can be reached at (519) 255-2875.  Please provide a detailed message regarding the concern. All callers will be protected under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act as well as ENWIN's Whistleblower Policy. 

Concerned Citizen/Employee Hotline Definitions: 

Fraud: Activities undertaken by an individual or organization that are dishonest or illegal, and are designed to benefit the perpetrating individual or ENWIN Utilities Ltd. Consequently, fraud includes any intentional or deliberate act to deprive another of property or money by deception, or other unfair means. Fraud against an organization can happen through misappropriation of corporate assets by an organization’s senior officers and/or staff. 

Waste and/or Misuse: The intentional or deliberate use of the organization’s resources or assets in an ineffective, inappropriate, or improper manner. 

Other Wrongdoing: Unprofessional conduct or conduct that is below recognized standards of practice. 

ENWIN Assets: Financial and non-financial resources which are owned, managed or controlled by ENWIN, which include but are not limited to cash, tangible capital assets and inventory.  

Note: This process does not exclude the right of Customers to contact the Ontario Energy Board should they have concerns regarding the services provided by ENWIN. 

Ontario Energy Board 
Toll-Free number within Ontario:  1-877-632-2727 (Mon. – Fri. 8:30am – 5:00pm).