Electric Capital Projects & Infrastructure Upgrades

ENWIN’s electrical distribution system provides its customers with one of the safest, most reliable electricity supplies in the province of Ontario. This is despite the fact that Windsor receives more stormy weather than any other Ontario city and has more lightning strikes per square kilometer than any other Canadian city. One of the reasons that ENWIN’s electrical distribution system is able to deliver reliable power is that ENWIN constantly invests in the renewal of its grid assets. To keep costs low, ENWIN continually inspects those assets to determine which assets are at end of life and which have some additional life to serve. Some assets deliver value to customers for over 50 years. ENWIN’s investment in its electrical distribution infrastructure ensures that you continue to have a safe and reliable supply of electricity. Renewal projects involve replacing old poles, wires and transformers with new equipment that meets today's standards.

The following map provides an overview of electric capital projects.

Infrastructure Updates: Upgrading to Ensure Quality Service

Upgrading our infrastructure is an important part of our customer service. We upgrade to continue to provide you with safe, reliable electricity.

Pole Inspection Program

As part of our continuing commitment to the safe, reliable delivery of electricity, we invest annually in a Pole Inspection Program. Poles are inspected and assessed for strength, durability and longevity, and we deal with any safety risks. Pole inspectors work throughout the year to complete inspections.

Tree Trimming Locations:

ENWIN's contractor Davey Tree Expert Company of Canada, Limited will be performing tree trimming on behalf of ENWIN from January 2024 to December 2024. Davey has a comprehensive tree-trimming wildlife protection protocol to help crews avoid incidental impacts on nesting birds, during the tree-trimming process.

Area "C" is the designated work area for 2024. Please see the attached map for boundary details. For more information, please contact ENWIN at 519-255-2727.

Download the Tree Trimming Map Here