New Commercial/Industrial Service

To request a new commercial/industrial or large residential service, complete a Commercial Application Form and send it to or mail it or deliver it personally to the following address:

ENWIN Utilities Ltd.
4545 Rhodes Dr.
P.O. Box 1625, Station “A”
Windsor, Ontario
N8W 5T1

The application form must also include the following documents:

  • A current legal survey of the property
  • An electronic drawing including all existing and proposed:
    • Buildings
    • Utilities (both overhead and underground)
    • Structures including fencing and plants
    • Final surface materials with grades and elevations
  • Electrical single line diagram
  • Preferred location of padmount transformer with dimensions to the nearest building, structure, and utility lines (if required)

Please ensure the application form is completed in full to avoid any unnecessary delays.

Application Form for Electrical Service

Service Sizes

ENWIN can provide power up to the following maximum sizes for overhead and underground services for the following voltage. However, 347/600V services are preferred due to voltage drop characteristics.


Any service larger than 3,000kVA or above would require a customer owned substation fed at 27.6kV. In order to reach certain service sizes the customer may need to accept a higher voltage service and step down voltage within their building.

Metering Requirements

The following files contain ENWIN’s metering requirements for various voltage and service size combinations. Please note the additional requirements for outdoor and pulse metering and the approved cabinet configurations.

Approved Meter Sockets and Cabinets

ENWIN Metering Requirements for Commercial Services

Overhead Services

New overhead secondary services located greater than 30m (100ft) from ENWIN’s distribution line will require a customer owned pole on the customer’s property. Private overhead to underground services greater than 200A also require a customer owned pole on the customer’s property. The customer owned pole must be at a minimum height of 35 feet and have a clevis to receive the ENWIN secondary service conductors at a height of 26 feet above grade and an anchor attached 6 inches below the service attachment if required. The service from the pole to the building may be overhead or underground depending on the preference of the customer.

Underground Services

A new Padmount Transformer may be required for large services. The padmount foundation and primary duct is owned and must be installed and maintained by the customer. The following documents explain ENWIN’s requirements and the responsibility of each party. Any digging in City Right of Way must be restored to the City of Windsor Utility Cuts Restoration specifications AS-207A, AS-207B, or AS-207C. The customer would also be responsible for any permanent restoration costs from the City of Windsor.

Padmount Transformer Installation

Customers Information Package

Pad Concept Drawing

Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Connections

New EVSE Connections follow the standard new large service connection procedures as outlined on this website. The Application Form for Electrical Service must be completed, along with all the supporting documentation, as outlined at the top of the page. 

In addition, a customer may decide to complete an optional EV Preliminary Consultation Information Request (EVPCIR) form as their first step in the application process.  Please send the completed form to



ENWIN requires a minimum of 3-4 months for new overhead services and 3-7 months for underground services. These timeframes are estimates and will depend on the complexity of the connection and resource availability as well as prompt response from the customer on all correspondence.

The following table explains the steps required to connect a new service:

STEP 1:Customer submits a completed Application Form and required documentation to ENWIN.
STEP 2:ENWIN reviews application and prepares a Preliminary Design and Estimate (site meeting if required)
ENWIN sends an Offer to Connect agreement to the Owner.
STEP 3:Owner signs 2 copies of the Offer to Connect agreement and returns them to ENWIN
If a Contribution is required, owner selects Fixed or Actual cost and provides a cheque or purchase order.
STEP 4:ENWIN signs 2 copies of the Offer to Connect agreement and sends one back to Owner.
STEP 5:ENWIN finalzes design, prepares work orders, orders material, and then installs equipment. Customer installs their infrastructure/equipment based on Offer to Connect (ex. Civil work, meter base, etc.)
Customer obtains ESA inspection for their service.
STEP 6:Once an ESA Connection Authorization Number is received ENWIN will make final connections and energize the service.