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Life Support Notification

If you or a loved one needs uninterrupted electrical power for medical equipment, like a ventilator or kidney dialysis machine, please complete the Life Support Notification Form and fax it to customer service.

Life Support Notification Form

If you need life support, please be aware of our policy:

  • A life support customer should have an alternative source of electricity nearby, like a battery backup system or generator.
  • A life support customer should have a battery-operated radio, with a supply of fresh batteries, so they can listen to news updates during bad weather. You can also follow outage information on Twitter (@ENWINutilities) or on the ENWIN website.
  • A life support customer should always make arrangements to leave their home if the outage is extended.
  • We will not always be able to notify life support customers of all outages, because some are unplanned.
  • Life support customers should decide if their situation is critical enough to call for an ambulance.

Although we do not supply generators to Life Support customers, we will try to be sensitive to the needs of these customers when power is being restored throughout the city. This does not guarantee that your electricity will be restored before it is restored for others.


Tree Trimming

One in three power outages in Windsor are caused by tree branches that are too close to electrical equipment. In strong winds, these branches can bring down lines or damage transformers, causing outages, fires and danger to the community. When you see works crews trimming trees, we're putting your safety first.

To find out where crews are currently trimming trees, please visit our Electric Capital Projects page.

If you notice a dangerous tree or tree branch near overhead power lines, please contact ENWIN so that we can investigate. We are pleased to offer tree trimming around overhead power lines.  This services increases the reliability of your electricity supply and increases public safety. 

To request tree trimming, please use our online tree trimming request form.

Tree Trimming form


Request a Locate - Before You Dig, Get A Locate

Locate Hydro and Water Infrastructure

Digging a garden? Building a fence? Planting a tree? Installing a walkway or light standard?

Never assume you know the location or depth of a cable. Call Ontario One Call before you dig!

To request a FREE underground locate:

Phone: 1-800-400-2255


Submit an e-ticket at

Ontario One Logo

Avoid danger!

Underground excavation accounts for more than 20% of power line contacts, and your locate can prevent not only costly repairs due to accidental cable dig-ins but may also save your life.

If you plan to dig, drill, blast, auger, or drive stakes (including fence post spikes) into the ground, you must call Ontario One Call before you dig.

Ontario One Call will notify all its members who may have underground facilities near or at the proposed work site and arrange for FREE field locates. Please call at least 5 working days before digging to schedule this service. During the busy spring season, more notice may be required.

It's the Law!

Arranging to have underground utilities located before you dig is also the law. See the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act Construction Projects section 228.

APWA Uniform Colour Code

White - Proposed Excavation

Pink - Temporary Survey Markings

Red - Electric Power Lines, Cables, Conduit and Lighting Cables

Yellow - Gas, Oil, Steam, Petroleum or Gaseous Materials

Orange - Communication, Alarm or Signal Lines, Cables or Conduit

Blue - Potable Water

Purple - Reclaimed Water, Irrigation and Slurry Lines

Green - Sewer and Drain Lines