Electricity Sector

Ontario’s Electricity Sector has gone through major changes since 1997. At that time, Ontario Hydro was responsible for most of the electricity sector in Ontario. At the same time, the Windsor Utilities Commission was responsible for distribution in the City of Windsor.

Now, provincial bodies, like the Ontario Energy Board, Independent Electricity System Operator, and Electrical Safety Authority supervise the Electricity Sector. The Ministry of Energy has overall responsibility for the Sector. More information about the Electricity Sector can be found through these organization's respective websites.

ENWIN Utilities Ltd. is the Local Distribution Company for the City of Windsor. We own and operate the physical electricity infrastructure in Windsor, and are the company from which consumers purchase electricity from the provincial grid.

Some customers in our service area choose to purchase electricity from Retailers. These customers enter into independent contracts with Retailers. ENWIN is not a Retailer and does not solicit business from residents through door-to-door, phone, or other methods. The Ontario Energy Board is responsible for regulating Retailers, and any questions or concerns about Retailers should be directed to the Ontario Energy Board.