What to Expect When Power is Restored

After a major outage, when power has been restored to most customers, ENWIN reminds the public: 

  • If the  Outage Map  indicates power in your neighbourhood has been restored, but you are still without power, please call 519-255-2727. 
  • The customer is responsible for checking outdoor electrical equipment attached to their property, including stacks and exterior connections, after a storm. If damage is spotted, please call ENWIN to disconnect service until repairs can be made and inspected. 
  • If ENWIN crews visit your property during power restoration, they will also assess external electrical equipment and inform you about damaged equipment. 
  • Further information regarding responsibilities for damaged electrical equipment can be found here
  • Exercise caution when clearing fallen trees from the property. Downed wires may be hidden under branches. If you suspect wires are down under tree limbs, stay 10 meters back and call ENWIN. Never touch a downed wire, or anything it touches. 
  • Downed power lines, damaged electrical infrastructure, explosions or electrical fires are emergencies. Please report these immediately to ENWIN at 519-255-2727.