Fraud Attempts: How to Protect Yourself

ENWIN Utilities Ltd. (ENWIN) is warning customers to be on the lookout for online, over-the-phone, and in-person fraud attempts. There have been reports of communications falsely claiming to be from ENWIN, demanding customer payment or requesting personal information. 

If you receive a communication that seems suspicious, please do NOT provide any personal information.

To help you identify common fraud tactics, please refer to the chart below to recognize the difference between an ENWIN representative and a potential fraud attempt:

What ENWIN Will Do

What ENWIN will NOT Do

ENWIN will advise of an 
overdue balance:

The following overdue notices will be sent to the mailing address on file:

  • A white Past Due Notice, 3 days past the payment due date
  • An orange Disconnection Notice, 14 days past the payment due date
  • ENWIN will place a final 48-hour Disconnection Notice call to the number on file 32 days past the payment due date
ENWIN will NOT threaten disconnection or
demand payment without notice:
  • No payments will be collected at your home or business
  • Banking information will never be requested over the phone

ENWIN will alert customers whose services are at risk of disconnection for overdue account balance by providing notices that follow regulations set by the Ontario Energy Board. 

ENWIN will call customers during
hours of operation:

Customers are contacted during business hours between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.


Customers may receive auto-dialer calls about planned outages outside this timeframe.

ENWIN will NOT call outside regular
business hours:

NEVER call the phone numbers provided in an email or voicemail. Instead, call ENWIN directly at 519-255-2727.


Customers are contacted to advise of an overdue account status between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.


ENWIN will verify your identity
on the phone by asking you to:

Confirm that you are the authorized person through the account information on file.

ENWIN will NOT ask the following 
questions to verify your account/identity:
  • Social Insurance Number
  • Credit card number
  • Banking information

If any of the above information is requested, contact Windsor Police Services and ENWIN to report a fraud attempt.

ENWIN will accept payment
  • Credit card payment via the automated system Paymentus, available through our website or at 1-866-904-4452
  • Pre-authorized payment plan (chequing or saving account only)
  • Telephone and internet banking through your financial institution
  • Directly at the bank through your financial institution
  • MoneyGram via Canada Post

Refer to the information on your bill or myENWIN to verify your account balance and bill due date.

ENWIN will NOT accept
payment via:
  • Gift cards or prepaid credit card payments
  • Any cryptocurrency or through cryptocurrency machines
  • Local retailers, e.g. convenience stores
  • Credit card payment for pre-authorized payments
  • Credit card payments with a live agent
  • Interac e-transfer
  • ENWIN employees will NOT accept payment in the field
  • ENWIN will NEVER ask for your credit card number over the phone

If someone comes to your home or place of business claiming to be an ENWIN employee, ask for their photo ID and if in doubt, call ENWIN to verify at 519-255-2727. ENWIN employees will NOT demand fees to be paid onsite.



ENWIN will call from 519-255-2727:

ENWIN reminds customers that the utility does NOT have a 1-800 number, nor would we direct customers to contact our legal department for bill payment.

ENWIN will NOT call from a 1-800 number:

These calls are common in many fraud tactics. To fool customers, calls may include a recorded segment of ENWIN’s on-hold audio messages and display similar portions of ENWIN’s phone number.

ENWIN will post on the following
social media accounts:


ENWIN will NOT post or message from a
secondary account on social media:

ENWIN will NEVER initiate a direct message to a customer through social media for any reason – including promotions, late payments, account details, etc.


Do NOT click or open any messages or links sent to you from a "secondary" ENWIN account - ENWIN did NOT post the information nor endorse the program or content.


ENWIN reminds customers to be careful about online offers. When in doubt, visit our website,, email us at or call us at 519-255-2727 to verify calls, programs, or offers.

Customers who receive suspicious calls should phone Windsor Police Services and ENWIN to report a fraud attempt. If you believe a scam or fraud attempt has occurred, contact the Windsor Police by website at or call the non-emergency line at 519-258-6111.

Will ENWIN state an account balance over the phone?
  • ENWIN's automated outbound calling service (residential only) does NOT provide a balance; it is a general message
  • ENWIN's outbound calling service (commercial only) is completed manually, and customers are provided with a balance that can be verified through the amount owed on the notice received
  • Refer to your bill or myENWIN to verify your account balance and bill due date

ENWIN encourages customers to be vigilant against scam attempts by following these tips:

  • Remember, scam artists will develop elaborate schemes to defraud the public
  • If someone comes to your home, ask for a photo ID and if in doubt, call ENWIN to verify at 519-255-2727
  • Don’t call phone numbers provided to you in an email or voicemail. Instead, call ENWIN directly at 519-255-2727
  • Never make a payment for a charge that isn’t listed on your most recent bill or an ENWIN notice received
  • Never share personal information about your bills or finances with a stranger
  • If you feel unsafe, call Windsor Police Services or 911