Relocating an Existing Service

Customers may choose to relocate their service to:

  • Facilitate an Addition to their Home
  • Convert to Underground to Improve Appearance and Reliability
  • Achieve Clearance from New Pools or Decks

When contacting ENWIN for a service relocation, please have the following information available:

  • Service address
  • Contact information
  • Purpose of the service relocation
  • Required date
  • Approximate location of relocation

For Underground services, the customer is responsible for installing the meter base and conduit as well as preparing a trench and providing sand for ENWIN to install and connect underground service conductors. The following Trench Details must be followed to ensure that ENWIN can install the service when they arrive. Failure to meet the requirements of the Trench Detail will result in a Missed Service Appointment Charge (see Residential Rates).

Trench Detail - Direct Buried Residential

Trench Detail - Service Riser Behind Brick Residential

Send Service Relocation requests to ENWIN’s Technical Services Department by e-mail at


Once contacted, ENWIN will schedule a site visit to review the details and produce an estimate. Service relocations are typically done at the cost of the applicant.


Please note that the Customer must contact all other utilities and service providers to arrange relocations as well including Bell, Cogeco and MNSi. To save money, it would be beneficial to coordinate the relocation effort so that civil work would only need to be performed once. ENWIN’s Civil Contractor can perform the civil work for all other communication companies at their cost.