Safety Steps To Follow After A Storm

Below are some safety steps to follow once the storm has passed.

  1. Listen to AM800 CKLW for the latest updates on power restoration efforts in the City of Windsor.
  2. Check on your neighbours — ensure your elderly neighbours are safe!
  3. Call EnWin only in the event that you have seen broken wires, tree limbs on lines, or fire at the transformer. These are live wires and must never be touched except by an EnWin professional!!
  4. Call an Electrician after you've inspected the outside of the house for damage to the stack. If the stack is damaged or pulled away from the building:
    • Call EnWin to disconnect the electrical service.
    • Call an electrician to repair the stack.
    • Have the repaired stack inspected by a representative of The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA).
    • The ESA will then call EnWin to have your electrical service reconnected to your premise.
Please be patient, as we will be experiencing a high volume of similar calls during the power restoration period.


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