Water Permit

Application for New Water Service

EnWin Utilities requires persons who need a permit for a new water service to complete an Application for New Water Services before a permit will be issued.

The applicant must complete an application for each water permit that is to be issued. One permit is required for each water meter that will be installed.

Applicants must provide EnWin with all required information before an application will be accepted and a permit issued. Note that all personal information requested on the application is collected under section 17 of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, and will be used for the sole purpose of processing the application.

Required information includes the:

  1. Property for which the permit will be issued
  2. Applicant for the water permit
  3. Registered property owner
  4. Billing Party

The applicant for the water permit is the person to whom the water permit will be issued. This person is responsible for providing payment for all the applicable charges prior to the issuance of the permit. The applicant must also provide valid photo ID when submitting the application.

The registered property owner information is required to identify if the applicant differs from the property owner. This may be the case when contactors or parties other than the owner are completing the work. In the event that the property requires a back flow prevention device, as outlined in By-Law #82, the owner is ultimately responsible for ensuring that a device has been installed and annually inspected, tested and maintained by a licensed plumber.

The billing party information is required to ensure that EnWin Utilities has the information needed to bill the unmetered construction charge to the appropriate individual. The unmetered construction charge is applied from the time the service has had its initial inspection until a water meter has been installed on the service.

Services with a meter less than or equal to 1" will have the meter installed by EnWin Utilities personnel. Services with a meter greater than 1" are required to have the installation verified by EnWin Utilities personnel.

This application must be printed off and signed by the applicant, the registered property owner (if different from the applicant), and the billing party (if different from the applicant or registered property owner). The completed application needs to be submitted in person to the Technical Services department at EnWin Utilities located at 4545 Rhodes Drive, Windsor.

Size: 71.6 KB

Any questions or comments regarding the above information will gladly be received by the Technical Services Department at (519) 251-7303.


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