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Year Round: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

* All business units observe the following 12 holidays and are closed for business.

  • New Year's Day (January 1)
  • Good Friday (Friday before Easter Sunday)
  • Easter Monday
  • Victoria Day (3rd or 4th Monday of May)
  • Canada Day (July 1)
  • Civic Holiday (First Monday of August)
  • Labour Day (First Monday of September)
  • Thanksgiving Day (2nd or 3rd Monday of October)
  • Day before Christmas
  • Christmas Day
  • Boxing Day
  • Day before New Year's Day

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  1. Visitors
  2. Facility Conduct
  3. Deliveries
  4. Sales Representatives

I: Visitors

  1. Visitor parking is available at the front of the Rhodes Drive Operating Centre (RDOC) by the main entrance.
  2. All visitors to the Rhodes Drive Operating Centre (RDOC) must sign the guest register located at the reception area in the front lobby (exception, Delivery Trucks).
  3. Visitors are to provide the following information in the guest register: Date, Name, Company Name, and the name of the person whom they are here to see.
  4. After notifying the person with whom they are to meet, the visitor will be issued a Visitor's Pass to wear while inside the RDOC.
  5. The pass permits the visitor to move throughout the halls of the complex. It will not allow access any rooms or shops that require an access card.
  6. Visitors are asked to use the main front pedestrian doors to access the RDOC. The visitor's pass will not allow re-entry to the building via any outside doors.
  7. If, as a visitor, you will enter restricted areas which require specific safety equipment (such as Green Patch Safety Shoes) a visitor will be responsible for all such equipment before access is granted. EnWin does not supply safety equipment to visitors.
  8. If visitor(s) leave after regular business hours, they must be escorted out of the building by the person they are visiting and the visitors' pass left with the person they are visiting.
  9. In the event, a visitor forgets to return the visitor's pass, your EnWin/WUC representative will arrange with you to return the visitor pass.
  10. Contractors are asked to sign in and out of the guest register, even if they have an access card. This provides a record of visitors on site in case of an emergency or fire.
  11. Visitor passes are for visitors to the RDOC only.

II: Facility Conduct

  1. All Contractors/Vendors accessing Rhodes Drive through the main entrance should follow the procedures set out in section 4.6.28 Visitor Access to Rhodes Drive Operating Centre (RDOC), ensuring that they sign in the Guest Register located in the Main Lobby upon every visit to RDOC.
  2. If vehicular entry is required, the Contractor/Vendor is to sign in; no visitor access card is required if not accessing restricted areas. The Contractor/Vendor shall contact the Fleet & Site Department using the telephone in the lobby, (EXT 605) to gain entry through the security gate. They should identify themselves, the company they represent, and the reason they require entry.
  3. The 10-km/h speed limit shall be observed while on RDOC property.
  4. Contractor/Vendor vehicles shall be parked in the designated area between the bay doors on the west side inside the parking garage unless other arrangements have been previously made with the Fleet & Site Department. Alternative parking arrangements can be prearranged with Jon Reaume Site Supervisor by calling 519-251-7300 ext. 620.
  5. Vendor/contractor will abide by all Ministry of Labour regulations while on RDOC property. Persons not complying with safety regulations will be asked to leave and not permitted to return until EnWin Utilities Ltd (EWUTL) can be assured that all safety regulations will be observed.
  6. Vendor/contractor will ensure all their employees have and wear the necessary safety equipment required by the Ministry of Labour regulation to complete their assigned work. Access to the EnWin property will be denied without the proper safety equipment.
  7. Report to the Fleet & Site office (ext. 605) to advise the status of the job before leaving the site. Ensure all work orders are signed and paperwork is left for the Fleet & Site Dept. Clerk. If an access card was provided when signing in, return it to the Site Department.
  8. The traffic flow at the Rhodes operating Centre is one way; entry to the yard is off Rhodes Drive and the exit gate is located on the East side of the building (yard). This exit leads out to Pillette Road. The North Rhodes Drive entry gate is not to be used as an exit.

III: Deliveries

  1. Envelopes will be accepted by the receptionist located in the lobby at the front of the Rhodes Office.
  2. Delivery of all goods will be made to the stock room located at the rear (south) of the building via the main entrance gate. Yard access for deliveries is through the front gate off of Rhodes Drive, a call box is located at the gate to contact the Stock Room Staff. Note: Deliveries are not to be made to the front reception lobby.
  3. All delivery trucks may gain access to the stockroom via the main gate. The driver will call the stockroom from the telephone, west of the gate. Stockroom personnel will open the gate. The driver will proceed to the rear of the building to the stores receiving area to unload as instructed. After off-loading and receipt by EnWin personnel, exit the site by the east driveway. The 10-km/h speed limit is to be observed.
  4. Three days notice is required for large quantity/items and special needs deliveries (ex. crane off-loading). If delivery truck breakdowns or inclement weather cause delivery delays, call EnWin stores immediately, 519-251-7300 x253 so that special need services previously arranged can be canceled or postponed.
  5. All delivery personnel shall wear protective safety equipment CSA green patch safety shoes (minimum steel toe/shank) to enter our site.
  6. The receiving area of the stock room has two off-loading docks. A forklift truck capable of lifting 7000 lbs. (3175 kg) is available.
  7. Personnel delivering poles, transformers, cable, etc. for outdoor storage in our fenced in stock area at the rear of the site, must wear a CSA approved hard hat and safety shoes and follow all safety instructions as outlined by stores personnel.
  8. Deliveries to the vehicle repair area for vehicle parts may be made between the hours of 7:30am to 10:30 pm year round.

IV: Sales Representatives

  1. Visitor parking is located at the front of the building. All sales representatives are to report to the front reception area. A receptionist will greet you. Please register with the receptionist and sign the visitors' book. Contact the person(s) you wish to visit by telephone from the reception area. The receptionist will provide an access card. Entry to a work area (shop, repair garage, storeroom, etc.) requires steel toe shoes. Upon leaving, please sign the visitors' book and return the access card to the receptionist. Should you leave without returning the access card, please notify your EnWin/WUC contact and return the card in person or mail back as soon as possible.


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