Using Windsor's Water

Quality Water Adds Quality to our lives, EVERY DAY

Sure, we use water every single day for drinking, preparing foods, bathing, and doing chores around the house, but have you ever taken a moment to think about all of the other ways that water impacts our lives? Think about each of these uses for water, and try to imagine how not having them would impact your life?

Thermal Power Generation

Power generation accounts for almost 60% of the water we use in Canada!


Water is used in everything from building cars and toys to paper and medicines.

Municipal Use

Can you imagine a city without water? We use it for drinking, cooking, putting out fires, and more!


Farmers depend on water for livestock and crop production - they need it to make sure that they can provide food for us.

Over the past number of years we have been overusing and abusing the water supply that is available to us. It is getting harder and harder to purify the lakes and rivers that we are dumping all of these wastes into, costing us billions and billions of dollars. As a whole we need to become more water wise, and start making smarter decisions about how we use water, and how much water we use.