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EnWin Utilities - Windsor's Local Distribution Company is responsible for the distribution of electricity, as well as the service and maintenance of Windsor's electricity distribution infrastructure. EnWin also provides managed services for the Windsor Utilities Commission.

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In view of the onset of winter weather and rising electricity costs across the province, ENWIN would like to remind customers that all Ontario utilities are required by the Ontario Energy Board to follow stringent rules regarding disconnecting and reconnecting a service.

Windsor, ON: Windsor Utilities Commission announced today that it will launch its
final phase of its MOECC Approved Lead Corrosion Control program. The regulation
requires water utilities to protect all consumers at their ?tap? if they exceed the 10%
threshold for lead samples exceeding the 10 ug/L Maximum Acceptable
Concentration (MAC).
Windsor, ON: ENWIN and Windsor Police Services are warning customers to be on the lookout for a potential door-to-door scammer, trying to gain access to homes by claiming to be an ENWIN representative.