Service Restorations

EnWin has teamed up with The City of Windsor as well as our current Landscaping Contractor on restorations. We understand that with a larger quantity of repairs, including utility cuts and road repairs, a lower unit price can be achieved.

We aim to have restoration completed within four weeks (weather pending/seasonal availability of sod/seed, etc.), from initial call to having your service restored. The four-week wait period is necessary for most ground settlement to occur.

Please note that any water main or water service breaks repaired in the late fall or winter that require lawn and/or concrete/asphalt restoration will not be completed until the following April-May based on sod availability and concrete/asphalt plant openings.

Future Settlements

In the event of settlement at a water main/water service repair, anytime of the year, please feel free to contact us at 519-255-2727 to review and repair.


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