Life Support Notification

If you or a loved one requires uninterrupted electrical power service for medical equipment (such as a ventilator or kidney dialysis machine), please notify us by completing the "Life Support Notification Form" and faxing it to customer service.

Please note that if you require life support you should be aware of EnWin's policy, which is outlined below.

  • A life support customer should undertake to have an alternative source of electricity nearby, such as a battery backup system or a generator.
  • A life support customer should have a battery-operated radio (with a supply of fresh batteries) so that they can listen to the EnWin updates during bad weather. These updates will indicate the severity of the storm and the length of the outage, if available.
  • A life support customer should always make arrangements to leave their home in the event the outage is extended.
  • EnWin will not always have the opportunity to notify life support customers of all outages as some are unplanned.
  • Life support customers should determine if their situation is critical enough to require a call for an ambulance.

Although we do not supply generators to Life Support customers, when power is being restored throughout the city an attempt will be made to be sensitive to the needs of these individuals. This does not, however, guarantee that their electricity will be restored in advance of other groups.


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