Frequently Asked Questions

What is ENWINconnect?

ENWINconnect is a web portal that lets you log in and securely access online tools to view electricity & water usage.

How do I register for ENWINconnect?

You need to access the ENWINconnect area of our website. In order to create your ENWINconnect account you will need to create a Username and Password and provide your email address along with the following information from your most recent utility bill:

  • 10 digit Account Number
  • Total Bill Amount
  • Bill Due Date

Visit our Access My Account Online page to find the link to ENWINconnect and more details on logging in.

What is an acceptable password?

Your password must be a minimum of eight characters, including one numeric and one special character. Please note that passwords are case sensitive.

What if I forget my Username or password?

If you have forgotten your Username, go to the ENWINconnect Log-In page and click "Forgot username?" Enter the email address associated with your account. Your Username will be sent to the email address associated with your account.

If you have forgotten your password, go to the ENWINconnect Log-In page and click "Forgot password?" Enter the email address associated with your account. Your password will be sent to the email address associated with your account.

I have more than one account. I signed up to view my electricity usage on the first account and then I tried to sign up for my second account, but it keeps telling me that the email address has already been used. How can I register to see the other account usage?

ENWINconnect requires a unique email address for every registered account. However once an account has been registered, users can link that account to any other accounts provided they have the valid Account Number and most recent bill for the added accounts.

When I view my electricity usage data, where is it coming from?

The hourly usage data is transmitted to a central data management center (MDM/R) which is operated by the IESO. The data displayed in ENWINconnect is synchronized with this data.

When I go online, why can I only see my usage up to the prior day around midnight?

Your data is updated each day at midnight. It is near time, which means that we can access your hourly data up to midnight each day.

Is there any chance that other people could see my hourly electricity use data?

No. ENWINconnect has safety measures in place to ensure your data stays private and secure.

Why is my account locked for security reasons?

If you receive a message that your account has been locked, it may be that an incorrect password has been attempted more than five times. As a security measure, your account has been locked for 30 minutes.

If you do not remember the password or username associated with your account please follow the links on the ENWINconnect Log-In page

Should you require access prior to the end of the 30 minute period, a Customer Care Agent would be happy to unlock your account for you at 519-255-2727.

Who can I contact if I have problems registering or signing in?

Please contact our Customer Care department by email or by calling (519) 255-2727 weekdays between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.

What is E-Billing?

E-Billing is a convenient, secure and environmentally friendly way to view your electricity bill online. Once you have registered, youll stop receiving paper bills. Instead you will receive an email notification (to the email of your choice) when your bill is ready for viewing. You can pay your E-Bill by telephone or online through your financial institution, or by enrolling in our pre-authorized payment plan.

How do I signup for E-Billing?

If you would like to register for E-Billing, go to ENWINconnect and register your account. Be sure to have a copy of your most recent bill handy. Online registration takes only a few minutes. Once you are registered you can enroll for E-Billing through your ENWINconnect account by clicking Choose Paperless Billing, and Subscribing.

How do I cancel my E-Billing registration?

If you would like to cancel your E-Billing registration, log in to your ENWINconnect account, click Choose Paperless Billing, and then Un-Subscribe. Or contact us by telephone at 519-255-2727. A Customer Service representative would be pleased to help you.

Why am I not receiving my E-Bill notifications?

Please ensure that you are enrolled in E-Billing by navigating to the Choose Paperless Billing page from the ENWINconnect home page.

Most of the time, your E-Bill notification has been accepted by your service provider. Problems with E-Bill delivery are most often associated with Spam/Junk Mail settings as well as internet security and anti-virus applications. How your email, internet security or anti-virus applications are configured may determine if your E-Bill notification can be successfully delivered.

To correct this, we recommend adding '@enwin.com' to your Safe List.

If you have recently changed or modified your email address, but did not update your online profile:

  • Sign in to your ENWINconnect account;
  • Once logged in, click My Account,
  • Update your email address and click Update.

Is the bill I see online exactly like my paper bill?

Yes, with one exception. You cannot print out your bill and take it to your financial institution or mail it to ENWIN Utilities for payment.

Why is my last payment not appearing?

ENWINconnect payment information is updated as payments are received and applied to customer accounts. Please note that payments may take up to five business days to be applied, depending on how the payment is made.

What if some of my consumption isn't appearing in my account history?

Occasionally there may be communication difficulties between the meter and Enwin Utilities meter data collectors. Metering data is stored within the Smart Meter and may be collected once the connection is re-established. If this problem persists, please notify us.

Why does my ENWINconnect page content not display correctly?

Enwin Utilities makes every effort to ensure our ENWINconnect application is up to date with emerging technology. There are web browsers however, that are not compatible with our application. We encourage you to refer to the home page of your web browser provider for help with troubleshooting and known product issues. To ensure you are also receiving an optimal browsing experience, we suggest upgrading to the latest version of your browser.

Why does the my progress box on the home page have different amounts of KWH than my last bill says I used?

The reason is that the MY PROGRESS box shows Calendar Month stats, and is not relevant to the bill period reads on your bill. Basically every 1st of the month the my progress box will start at 0 and count towards your current and previous months reads from the 1st to the last day of them month. You bill does not follow this schedule.


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