Your Personal ENWIN Connection

ENWINconnect gives you the ability to access and manage your own usage data on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Today's usage data will be reflected on your profile tomorrow, allowing you to create your own consumption reports using real data. Comparing your daily, weekly and monthly usage patterns will allow you to better understand and manage your consumption.

It's easy. It's convenient. It's environmentally friendly.


"Choose Paperless Billing" through ENWINconnect and go paperless! We'll send you an email when your bill is ready and you can log-in and review your current charges. With the press of a button, we'll link you to your banking institution and you can make your payment on-line.

With ENWINconnect, you can set up personal dollar or usage thresholds, and receive notifications when those tolerances have been exceeded. Timely awareness of your usage patterns will allow you to better control the bottom line on your bill.

Review your balance on-line and check if your latest payment has been received. Visit the ENWINconnect library for information, forms and newsletters. And stay aware of pricing periods as they happen.

** Need assistance? Contact the ENWIN Call Center at 519-255-2727, Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. Weekends and holidays excluded.


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