Safety in Your Home

It is important to ALWAYS practice safety when working near electricity. The electrical current running through your home is strong enough to cause serious injury, or even death.

There are four main types of injuries that can be caused by electricity in your home: electrocution (fatal), electric shock, burns, and falls.

Follow these safety tips to prevent electricity accidents in your home:

  • Inspect tools, power cords, and electrical fittings for damage or wear prior to each use. Repair or replace damaged equipment immediately.
  • Use cords or equipment that are rated for the level of amperage or wattage that you are using.
  • Always use the correct size fuse. Replacing a fuse with one of a larger size can cause excessive currents in the wiring and possibly start a fire.
  • Be on the lookout for unusually warm or hot outlets - these may be a sign that unsafe wiring conditions exists.
  • Make sure that exposed receptacle boxes are made of non-conductive materials.
  • Do not use outlets or cords that have exposed wiring.
  • Do not use power tools with the guards removed.
  • Do not block access to circuit breakers or fuse boxes.
  • Turn small appliances OFF before plugging them in.
  • Turn lights off before changing the bulbs.
  • Eliminate Octopus Connections

Outside Your Home

  • Be conscious of overhead electrical wires (even your own house service) and avoid coming into contact with them
  • Be aware of overhead lines when trimming trees and vacuuming pools
  • Arrange to have service wires disconnected or covered if your outside work brings you within range of overhead wires
  • Make sure to always call before you dig on or around your property

Outage Safety Tips

Click here to read some Outage Safety Tips from ENWIN

Click here to hear Safety Tips from ENWIN

For more safety information, visit the Electrical Safety Authority.


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