Hiram Walker & Sons Limited

EnWin Presents Hiram Walker & Sons Limited with GreenSTAR Award (October 17, 2011)

Hiram Walker & Sons Limited, a Pernod Ricard company, is recognized all over the world for their best selling spirits. Today, they will be presented with EnWin's GreenSTAR award and recognized for their environmental stewardship and outstanding conservation achievement.

The famous location, located at 2072 Riverside Drive East, has recently replaced a 700 ton R-11 centrifugal chiller with an absorption chiller which will help displace almost 283,000 kWh/yr, each and every year. As well, by increasing their low pressure steam load by 10,000 lbs/hr, they are able to increase their generating capacity by 315 kWh which amounts to almost 516,000 kWh/yr. The total electrical load displaced from the grid by implementing this project is just under 800,000 kWh per year.

In addition, after completing an HVAC energy audit of the bottling facility, defective controls were replaced and alternative measures taken into account that will produce an estimated overall heating and electrical savings of 30% per year.

Premium brands cannot exist in the absence of environmental ethics. Each year, Hiram Walker & Sons reduces the environmental impact of its operations. Aware of the relationship that binds it to its environment, HWSL has developed numerous initiatives to promote sustainable agriculture, conservation of water resources, reduction of its CO2 emissions and carbon footprint, as well as recycling and eco-packaging.

Congratulations Hiram Walker & Sons Limited on your accomplishment!

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Lawrence Musyj, Director of Conservation and Energy Management
(519) 255-2888 X 330


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