GreenSTAR Award Program

An EnWin Recognition Program

The GreenSTAR program is an award based system developed by EnWin to recognize our customers for making conservation a priority within their organization.

Taking a step towards a greener future through conservation is a notable accomplishment and the GreenSTAR program provides the backdrop for the public recognition your company deserves.

Businesses with an average load of greater than 50kW who satisfy improvements in the following categories may qualify for a GreenSTAR Award:

  • Electricity Consumption
  • Water Consumption
  • Employee Participation Programs
  • Internal Recycling Program
  • Sustainable Energy Plan
  • Other

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    What You Will Receive for Participating

    • A GreenSTAR Trophy and Certificate of Achievement that can proudly be displayed in your office/lobby so visiting customers can see what you have accomplished.
    • A Personalized Letter of Recognition from EnWin to show our sincere appreciation of your efforts.
    • A featured story about your conservation efforts posted on

    By participating in the GreenSTAR program, not only will you be contributing to the betterment of our environment, you will also benefit from the following:

    • Favourable publicity about your company
    • Free media coverage through a featured case study on the EnWin website
    • Recognition as a leader in our local conservation efforts

    "This program is a new addition to the ENWIN conservation initiatives and we are extremely excited about getting our customers involved."

    Ground Effects Receives GreenSTAR Award

    Ground Effects - GreenSTAR

    For more information - Contact Lawrence Musyj

    Director of Conservation and Energy Management

    (519)255-2888 x330


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